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Pellor Deluxe Flying Yoga Hammock For Aerial Yoga Hammock, Red

Pellor Deluxe Flying Yoga Hammock For Aerial Yoga Hammock, Red

  • Model: CH-YYLH53-RD
  • Weight:2500g
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    • Anti-gravity yoga hammock air 2.8 meters wide, nylon silk, elastic, no stitching, such as silky smooth, feel is exquisite.


    • Materials: Stretch nylon
    • Width: 2.8 m
    • Size: 500x280cm
    • Color: Red
    • Affordability: 200kg

    The Installation steps:

    • First, install Steel carabiners on the between two Steel carabiners spacing, 50-80 cm better. Steel carabiners need to be installed on the between perforated between is not suitable for the installation over the between. (the installation must be able to load in a fixed object).
    • Then, if the between is high, need an extension belt, extended with a length of 70 cm, anti - gravity yoga length from 1.4 to 1.5 meters, so the high between that also can be 2.
    • Finally, the anti - gravity yoga climbing hooks to both ends to extend the end of the tape just fine.


    • During the use in strict accordance with the following points from seizure
    • Yoga hammock hanging anchor must be strong, hanging upside down from the height of the first floor is not more than 15 cm, to prevent accidentally fell wounded.
    • Both Please check before using yoga hammock hanging hook plate is loose, extended belt for excessive wear.
    • Get carry - on buttons or sharp objects are on the and yoga hammock.
    • This product is not fireproof fabric, both please stay away from sources of ignition.
    • Note yoga hammock clean the surrounding ground level, avoiding choose gravel, twigs and other sharp hard objects exist locations.


    • 1 x Yoga hammock
    • 2 x 1 meter to extend belt
    • 2 x Stainless steel hook
    • 4 x Screw

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